What is FestivALL?

FestivALL is a month dedicated to celebrating the diverse and welcoming communities in Gloucestershire.

 In 2021 FestivALL is all about connecting and reconnecting, celebrating and building connections, on and offline, and making sure that everyone is included in some way.

What is festivall?
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The FestivALL vision:

To bring communities together to celebrate and to inspire inclusion, in and around Gloucestershire

FestivALL’s aims:

To promote inclusion – what it means and how we can all get better at it

To learn from one another and to form lasting relationships to take forwards

To collaborate across, and breakdown barriers between: ethnicity, culture, faith, ability, sexual orientation, class, age and gender identity

To provide a platform for organisations and community groups to celebrate together

To generate and share good news stories about people joining together in and around Gloucestershire

FestivALL is supported by:

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Get in touch:

Send us a message via our contact form below:

Or to find out more about FestivALL and how you can be involved please contact:

Megan Paul from Active Impact, email: megan@activeimpact.org.uk